1880's Slater Cornet

Brand: Slater Finish: Silver (original) Case: Yes On Consginment This is a 1880's Slater cornet.  This instrument is very special and has HIGHLY engraved parts on it.  This instrument is a PLAYER too!  These are the original valves as well.

1960 Conn Connstellation 28A Cornet

Brand: Conn Model: Connstellation 28A Material: Nickle, brass trim Finish: Lacquer 60% Serial: 828151 This is a Conn 28A cornet.  It has the larger bell compared to its sister the 36.  What is very unique about this instrument is that it looks like a trumpet but plays like a cornet!  This horn wo...

Holton Couturier Cornet

Brand: Holton Model: Coutuier Presentation Model Finish: Gold This 1911 Holton Couturier Presentation Model cornet is a prime example of classic Holton craftsmanship. The horn has retained it's original gold plating, and features an absolutely stunning fully hand-engraved bell. Serial #13317

XA1 Bb Cornet – English Short Model with Shepherds Crook

ML Bore–  (.460”/11.68mm) Bell – (5.00”/127.00mm) Copper Bell with #1 Taper The XA1 Bb cornet has a vintage English cornet design with a tighter wrap for a dark, rich, intimate sound.  Ideal for brass band playing or jazz settings. In the tradition of the British Brass Band, the XA1 has a vinta...

Yamaha YCR2310 II

Brand: Yamaha Model: YCR2310 II Finish: Lacquer Bore: ML .459" Bell: 4 2/3" 2 piece Serial: 659764 Case: Yes The YCR-2310III is an excellent introductory model that features a rounded leadpipe and ML (medium-large) bore for smooth and light response with a soft, warm tone. An adjustable third val...