1880's Slater Cornet

Brand: Slater Finish: Silver (original) Case: Yes On Consginment This is a 1880's Slater cornet.  This instrument is very special and has HIGHLY engraved parts on it.  This instrument is a PLAYER too!  These are the original valves as well.

1906 CG Conn Perfected Wonder

Brand: Conn Model: Perfected Wonder Finish: Silver. gold wash Bore: M Serial: 95459 This is a 1906 Conn Perfected Wonder in a silver plate.  These horns where built when Conn was still alive!  This instrument was famous for have teh A "mechanisim" that gives added control of pitch.  For a horn th...

1936 Olds Special Cornet

Brand: Olds Model: Special Bore: .468 Year: 1936 Finish: Lacquer (worn) Materials: Brass Serial #: 9802 Case: Yes Description: Missing it's first valve slide saddle and screw. Ideal for small group jazz playing, great for anyone looking to get into Cornet playing.

1950 New York Bach Cornet

Brand: Bach Model: American Model Finish: Original Lacquer (70%) Case: Yes original Serial: 9461  This is a 1950 New York Bach Cornet in original lacquer.  This instrument is a great playing cornet and has a great sound, and is very agile.  Would be ideal for various settings from jazz, to concer...

1960 Conn Connstellation 28A Cornet

Brand: Conn Model: Connstellation 28A Material: Nickle, brass trim Finish: Lacquer 60% Serial: 828151 This is a Conn 28A cornet.  It has the larger bell compared to its sister the 36.  What is very unique about this instrument is that it looks like a trumpet but plays like a cornet!  This horn wo...

1972 Bach 37 Cornet

Brand: Bach Model: 37, Model 181 Bore: ML Finish: Raw Case: Yes Serial:77896 This is a 1972 Bach 37 Cornet.  This is the 181 Model so it is without Shepherds crook.  This instrument is very easy to move around on.  It does have a protective patch on the leadpipe.

Adams C1 Cornet

This is an Adams C1 Cornet in silver plate.  This instrument is a new demo horn.  This cornet has a pitch finder on the main tuning slide, and is a medium large (.470") with a brass gauge of .50mm.  It has a 4.9 inch gold brass bell with wooden finger buttons.  This instrument has a very warm sou...

B&S Cornet

Brand: B&S Finish: Silver Case: Yes Serial: 082852 On Consignment This is an outstanding playing B&S Cornet.  B&S has made many different cornets for different companies, and this one has a Steinberg stamp on the bell.  This is a terrific playing cornet and would be ideal for a profes...

Holton Couturier Cornet

Brand: Holton Model: Coutuier Presentation Model Finish: Gold This 1911 Holton Couturier Presentation Model cornet is a prime example of classic Holton craftsmanship. The horn has retained it's original gold plating, and features an absolutely stunning fully hand-engraved bell. Serial #13317