French Horn Mute


TrumCor French Horn #45T

While having a shape and feel similar to a "Rittich" style mute, the No. 45 retains the warm sound associated with a TrumCor mute. The No. 45T is a tunable mute with an adjustable chimney.

TrumCor French Horn Mute #44

With a relatively open muted sound, the No. 44 is capable of tremendous dynamic contrasts. Exceptionally responsive in all registers, the No. 44 comes with two differently sized "donuts" for aperture control.

TrumCor French Horn Tri-Stop Mute

A remarkably versatile stopping mute that plays well in tune with a great sound, the Tri-Stop comes with three interchangeable bell flares. Each flare is uniquely sized to accommodate tone color, register and volume needs.