French Horns


1920's Alexander Pre-103

Brand: Alexander Model: Pre 103 Finish: Re-lacquer Linkage: Early Mechanical Key: F/Bb, Bb/F Case: Yes This is an early Alexander pre 103 with a silver wash flair.  This horn was owned by Fred Weber from the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.  It is an early example of an Alexander 103 for the earl;y ...

1965 Conn 8D

Brand: Conn Model: 8D Year: 1965 Bore: .468  Materials: Nickel Silver Serial #: E62511 Case: Yes Description: The Conn 8D offers the flexibility and projection a horn player needs to succeed at all levels. Its traditional large throat bell and lighter weight all nickel construction than most horn...

1969 Conn 8D N Series

Brand: Conn Model: 8D Bore: .468 Year: 1968 Finish: Clear Lacquer (original) Materials: Nickel Silver Serial #: N21216 Case: Yes Description: Fantastic playing N series Conn 8D.  Original rotors and lacquer with some signs of past repair.  Everything on this horn is solid and would serve well in ...

1976 Conn 8D

Brand: Conn Model: 8D Bore: .468 Year: 1976 Finish: Lacquer (worn) Materials: Nickel Serial #: GJ94004 Case: Yes On Consignment Description: A mid 70's G Series Conn 8D. Free blowing, responsive, with excellent tonal balance. A classic example of a well-made Conn 8D.
$9,470.00 - $9,970.00

Alexander 103 Screw Bell French Horn

The preferred professional french horn in orchestras world wide, the Alexander 103 series is second to none. This particular variant of the 103 features a screw bell, nickel-silver garland, and an adjustable finger hook. Comes with case. Serial #31248

Alexander 310 Triple Horn

Brand: Alexander Model: 310 Triple Finish: Raw Material: Yellow Brass Bell: Fixed Case: Yes Serial: 17172 On Consignment This is an Alexander 310 Triple horn in a raw finish.  The triple horn covers not only the double horn (B / F) but also the high F horn within the same instrument. Compared to ...

Engelbert Schmid Descant Bb/F alto w/ A-stopping valve

This beautiful Schmid double descant horn features a beautiful raw brass finish, medium spun screw bell, and two water keys. E. Schmid writes: Indispensable for certain pieces. The long mouthpipe and bell branch make the Bb side comparable to that of a double horn. This is also an advantage for t...
$4,200.00 - $5,620.00

Hans Hoyer 6801 "Heritage"

Brand: Hans Hoyer Model: 6801 Bore: .468 Finish:Lacquer Materials: Nickle Serial #: 450894 Case: Yes Description: Known for it's quality and consistency, this particular 6801 features a gold brass lead-pipe, adjustable thumb lever, and a 3B linkage system.
$4,300.00 - $5,718.00

Hans Hoyer 6801 "Heritage" Screw-Bell

Brand: Hans Hoyer Model: 6801 Bore: .468 Finish: Nickel Silver with clear lacquer Materials: Brass Serial #: 452153 Case: Yes Description: Known for it's quality and consistency, this particular 6801, adjustable thumb lever,  3B linkage system, and a screw bell. Brand new save for a small dent th...

Hans Hoyer 6802

This Hans Hoyer 6802 has a .468" bore, 12.204" large (XL) throat yellow brass bell, 3B ball bearing linkage, adjustable thumb, lever, gold brass leadpipe, engraved valve caps, soft case, detachable bell, and a nickle silver finish.

Hans Hoyer C23-L Triple Horn

The Meister Hans Hoyer C23-L F / Bb / High F Triple Horn offers the professional player a top-performance full triple horn. The Hoyer C23-L features a .468-inch bore with a responsive design plus a 12.2-inch detachable, medium-throat bell that offers a warm, rich resonance to the sound. The C23-L...

Hans Hoyer G10

This Hans Hoyer G10 String Linkage has a .468" bore, 12.204" medium throat detachable bell, gold brass lead pipe, adjustable finger hook and thumb lever, lightweight case, ergonomic design, clear lacquer finish.