French Horns


1920's Alexander Pre-103

Brand: Alexander Model: Pre 103 Finish: Re-lacquer Linkage: Early Mechanical Key: F/Bb, Bb/F Case: Yes This is an early Alexander pre 103 with a silver wash flair.  This horn was owned by Fred Weber from the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.  It is an early example of an Alexander 103 for the earl;y ...
$3,500.00 - $5,500.00

1950s Lorenzo Sansone made by Geyer

Brand: Geyer Model: Lorenzo Sansone Bore: .472" Finish: Raw Serial:58302 Case: Yes This is a Lorenzo Sansone built by Geyer in a raw finish.  This instrument is from the 50s, and is in great shape considering the age.  The valves are original, and compression is fair but still performs at a VERY ...

1965 Conn 8D

Brand: Conn Model: 8D Year: 1965 Bore: .468  Materials: Nickel Silver Serial #: E62511 Case: Yes Description: The Conn 8D offers the flexibility and projection a horn player needs to succeed at all levels. Its traditional large throat bell and lighter weight all nickel construction than most horn...

Alexander 310 Triple Horn

Brand: Alexander Model: 310 Triple Finish: Raw Material: Yellow Brass Bell: Fixed Case: Yes Serial: 17172 On Consignment This is an Alexander 310 Triple horn in a raw finish.  The triple horn covers not only the double horn (B / F) but also the high F horn within the same instrument. Compared to ...

Atkinson Kruspe

Brand: Atkinson Model: Kruspe Finish: Lacquer Bell: Detachable  Serial: #01809 Case: Yes This Atkinson is in great condition. Plays very even throughout all registers. Excellent projection and tone. The body has around 90% of the lacquer intact. This horn would be excellent for orchestra and solo...

Conn 8D

Brand: Conn Model: 8D Materials: Nickle Year:  Serial #E81226 Case: No

Hans Hoyer 6802

This Hans Hoyer 6802 has a .468" bore, 12.204" large (XL) throat yellow brass bell, 3B ball bearing linkage, adjustable thumb, lever, gold brass leadpipe, engraved valve caps, soft case, detachable bell, and a nickle silver finish.

Hans Hoyer C23-L Triple Horn

The Meister Hans Hoyer C23-L F / Bb / High F Triple Horn offers the professional player a top-performance full triple horn. The Hoyer C23-L features a .468-inch bore with a responsive design plus a 12.2-inch detachable, medium-throat bell that offers a warm, rich resonance to the sound. The C23-L...

Hans Hoyer G10

This Hans Hoyer G10 String Linkage has a .468" bore, 12.204" medium throat detachable bell, gold brass lead pipe, adjustable finger hook and thumb lever, lightweight case, ergonomic design, clear lacquer finish.

Hans Hoyer RT92GA-L

Developed with Rick Todd while Principal French Horn of the L.A. Chamber Orchestra, this Descant Horn has 5 rotary valves, A-muting valve, extreme short gold brass leadpipe, engraved valve caps, and German large (XL) throat bell.The Bell is gold brass(and is also available in yellow brass) and is...

Holton H177

Brand: Holton Model: H177 Material: Nickle Bore:. 468" Case: Yes Finish: Lacquer Serial: 509807 On Consignment This is a Holton H177 Farkas model in  a lacquer finish.  This horn offers independent tuning for convenience allowing the player to tune the Bb side of the horn separately from the F si...

Patterson Knopf

Brand: Patterson Hornworks Model: Knopf Bore: .468" Material: Yellow Brass, Raw Bell: Medium Large, Hand Hammered Adjustable Finger Hook: Yes Water Keys: Yes, One Case: No Serial: 180102-34 This is a Patterson Hornworks Knopf horn in a raw finish.  These horns have quickly become very popular.  T...