New Cornet


Adams C1 Cornet

This is an Adams C1 Cornet in silver plate.  This instrument is a new demo horn.  This cornet has a pitch finder on the main tuning slide, and is a medium large (.470") with a brass gauge of .50mm.  It has a 4.9 inch gold brass bell with wooden finger buttons.  This instrument has a very warm sou...

Marcinkiewicz Standard Cornet

Brand: Marcinkiewicz Model: Standard Model Bore: Large (.464") Leadpipe: #3, tightest and most efficient Bell: 4 3/4"  Serial:1552 Case: No Oil Recommendation: Hetman 1 Marcinkiewicz Cornets are a representation of the classically designed cornets of the past. These cornets are offered only in th...

Schilke A2C Cornet

Brand: Schilke  Model: A2C Bore: M Bell: 5" Case: No The A2C cornet in C affords the flexibility and diversity in sound color required when performing the cornet parts in an orchestra or chamber music with superior intonation.     ***Currently out of stock, but on order***