Used French Horn


1920's Alexander Pre-103

Brand: Alexander Model: Pre 103 Finish: Re-lacquer Linkage: Early Mechanical Key: F/Bb, Bb/F Case: Yes This is an early Alexander pre 103 with a silver wash flair.  This horn was owned by Fred Weber from the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.  It is an early example of an Alexander 103 for the earl;y ...

1965 Conn 8D

Brand: Conn Model: 8D Year: 1965 Bore: .468  Materials: Nickel Silver Serial #: E62511 Case: Yes Description: The Conn 8D offers the flexibility and projection a horn player needs to succeed at all levels. Its traditional large throat bell and lighter weight all nickel construction than most horn...

1970 Conn 8D N Series

Brand: Conn Model: 8D Bore: .468 Year: 1968 Finish: Clear Lacquer (original) Materials: Nickel Silver Serial #: N21216 Case: Yes Description: Fantastic playing N series Conn 8D.  Original rotors and lacquer with some signs of past repair.  Everything on this horn is solid and would serve well in ...

Alexander 310 Triple Horn

Brand: Alexander Model: 310 Triple Finish: Raw Material: Yellow Brass Bell: Fixed Case: Yes Serial: 17172 On Consignment This is an Alexander 310 Triple horn in a raw finish.  The triple horn covers not only the double horn (B / F) but also the high F horn within the same instrument. Compared to ...

Engelbert Schmid Descant Bb/F alto w/ A-stopping valve

This beautiful Schmid double descant horn features a beautiful raw brass finish, medium spun screw bell, and two water keys. E. Schmid writes: Indispensable for certain pieces. The long mouthpipe and bell branch make the Bb side comparable to that of a double horn. This is also an advantage for t...

Lawson "Classical" Model

Brand: Lawson Model: Classical Finish: Lacquer Bell: Ambronze Serial: 1330 Case: Yes On Consignment This is a late model Lawson "Classical" Model horn in a clear lacquer finish.  This is the last horn that Walter Lawson made in his shop in Boonseboro, Maryland.  This horn is in fantastic shape, a...

Ricco Kuhn W293 Double Horn

Brand: Ricco Kuhn Model: W293 Finish: Raw Brass Materials: Brass Serial #: 29397 Case: Yes Description: "The model W 293 is a real best seller of Ricco Kühn horns. In our opinion this Knopf/Geyer or Reißmann model is the most beautiful one in relation to the design. This is also coursed by the F ...

Schmid Double Horn

Brand: Schmid Finish: Clear Lacquer Materials: Brass Serial #: 1709 Case: Yes Description: An Engelbert Schmid double french horn, featuring a screw rim bell and a stunning bell garland. Schmid horns are some of the finest instruments in the world, this particular specimen is no exception.
$10,500.00 - $12,995.00

Schmid Triple horn B/F/High F

Brand: Schmid Model: Triple Material: Yellow Brass Finish: Lacquer Bell: medium spun with garland-Yellow Brass On Consignment Serial: 16119 Case: Yes, Hans Hoyer case This is a Schmid Triple in B/F/High F.  This is a fantastic playing horn, and one of the most popular triple horns on the market t...

Yamaha YHR-667

Brand: Yamaha Model: YHR 667 Finish: Lacquer Materials: Brass Serial #: 004481 Case: Yes Description: Geyer style horn with medium-large throat for moderate resistance to air flow. Like new, includes original case.