Used Trombone


1932 Bach Stradivarius Model 401

Brand: Bach Model: 401 Year: 1932 Bore: .500 Finish: Raw Brass Materials: Brass  Serial #: 74 Case: Yes Description:The second oldest complete Bach trombone known to exist. The 401 bell is what the Model 6 trombones were based on. Amazing shape and all original.

1950 Conn 32H Burkle Model

Brand: Conn Year: 1950 Model: 32H Burkle Model Bore: .500/.522 Finish: original lacquer Case: original case Serial: 390788 This is a 1950 Conn 32H Burkle Model trombone is original lacquer.  The Burkle models are popular in in large organizations where great power and volume are paramount. These ...
$2,595.00 - $2,795.00

1954 Bach Mt. Vernon 34 Trombone

Brand: Bach Year: 1954 (Mt. Vernon) Bore: .525" Gooseneck: 42 Finish: Lacquer Case: Yes Original  Serial: 5474 On Consignment This is a 1954 34 Mt. Vernon Bach Trombone in lacquer.  This horn has been customized by The Brass Lab in the 80's.  This instrument has a 42 goosneck, the the wrap of the...

1964 Bach Mt. Vernon 36B

Brand: Bach Year: 1964 Model: 36B Bore: .525" Bell: 8" yellow brass Finish: Bell is original lacquer 95%, slide has been re lacquered Case: Yes, original Serial: 7013 This is a 1964 Bach Mt. Vernon 36B.  This instrument is beautiful.  The bell section is 95% original lacquer, but there are a few ...

Amrein 9eL

Brand: Amrein Model: 9eL Bore: .547" Case: Yes On Consignment This is a Amrein 9eL Trombone.  This trombone was made in Lubeck, in northern Germany.  This maker Amrein just went out of business in October 2016.  This trombone was owned and used extensively for recordings by Ray Anderson.  This ho...

Shires 2G Bass Trombone

Brand: Shires Model: 2G-Gold Brass 9.5" Bell Rotors: Thayer Axel Flow #S00 476 F/Gb Serial: 1863 Bore: .562" Slide: B62.Gold brass lightweight Tuning Slides: C-more open then standard Leadpipe: B3L Case: No Finish: Lacquer This is a Shires 2G Bass Trombone.  This is an extreamly free blowing bass...

Shires 7YLN Bell

Brand: Shires Model: 7YLN Finish: Lacquer On Consignment This is a Shires 7YLN Bell.  It has a 7 taper which is a 2 piece bell, made of yellow brass and is light weight.  Could be swapped with this trombone bell as well!

Shires Trombone

Brand: Shires Rotor: Axial-Flow Valve Bell: 1G Gold Brass, 2 piece  Leadpipe: .547-inch bore, compatible with large-shank mouthpiece Tuning Slide: Yellow Brass Serial:2530 Case: Yes On Consignment This is a Shires Trombone.  This instrument has a gold brass bell, yellow brass and a yellow brass t...

Wayne Andre/Urbie Green Conn 6H

Brand: Conn Model: 6H Bore: .500 Year: Assorted Finish: Clear Lacquer  Materials: Brass Serial #: See Description Case: Yes Description: A piece of trombone history. The bell and slide sections were once owned by the late Wayne Andre. In addition, the bell section was used by trombone legend Urbi...