Used Trombone


1932 Bach Stradivarius Model 401

Brand: Bach Model: 401 Year: 1932 Bore: .500 Finish: Raw Brass Materials: Brass  Serial #: 74 Case: Yes Description:The second oldest complete Bach trombone known to exist. The 401 bell is what the Model 6 trombones were based on. Amazing shape and all original.

1939 Conn "Vocabell" 44H

Brand: Conn Model: 44H Vocabell Year: 1939 Material: Yellow Brass Bore: .485" Finish: Original Lacquer Case: Yes Serial 325301 This is a beautiful 1939 44H Conn Vocabell trombone in original lacquer.  This instrument looks very sleek with it's art deco braces, and bead-less rim.  The slide does h...
$2,595.00 - $2,795.00

1954 Bach Mt. Vernon 34 Trombone

Brand: Bach Year: 1954 (Mt. Vernon) Bore: .525" Gooseneck: 42 Finish: Lacquer Case: Yes Original  Serial: 5474 On Consignment This is a 1954 34 Mt. Vernon Bach Trombone in lacquer.  This horn has been customized by The Brass Lab in the 80's.  This instrument has a 42 goosneck, the the wrap of the...

1956 Bach Mt. Vernon 36

Brand: Bach Model: 36 Year:1956 Case: Yes Bore: .525" Finish: Lacquer Serial: 5132 On Consignment This is a 1956 Bach Mt. Vernon 36.  The bell and slide is original lacquer, but the goose neck has been re lacquered.  This instrument is in fantastic shape, and it does not appear to have much work ...

1969 Conn 88H

Brand: Conn Model: 88H Bore: .547" Bell: 8.5" rose brass Finish: original lacquer Serial: N20980 Case: Yes, original  On Consignment This is a 1969 Conn 88H "Symphony" trombone in original lacquer.  This instrument is a time capsule!   Everything is included in the case such as the case keys, lyr...

Bach Stradivarius 42 BO

Brand: Bach Model: 42 BO Bore: .547" Serial: 192051 Case: Yes (Bam Case) The Bach 42BO Stradivarius Series F Attachment Trombone is a professional Strad model designed for a large symphonic sound that projects without distortion.  This horn shows minor wear, but no signs of major damage.

Edwards Trombone

Brand: Edwards Bell: 324CF Slide: TBC-N Rotor: Axial Flow Material: Yellow Brass Finish: Clear Lacquer Bore: .547" Tuning Slide: Gold Brass Leadpipe: T3, Silver Serial: 0305029 Case: Yes On Consignment This is an Edwards Trombone in a clear lacquer finish.  The bell is a 324CF which has been temp...

King 2102 2B

Brand: King Model: 2102 (2B) Finish: Lacquer Case: Yes Serial: D9031 This is a King 2102 2B in a lacquer finish.  The King 2102 Legend 2B Series Professional Trombone is classic jazz trombone design. The King 2102 2B features a 481/.491" dual bore for excellent projection and clear upper range.

Shires 7YLN Bell

Brand: Shires Model: 7YLN Finish: Lacquer On Consignment This is a Shires 7YLN Bell.  It has a 7 taper which is a 2 piece bell, made of yellow brass and is light weight.  Could be swapped with this trombone bell as well!