Wooden Sleeve Sound Enhancement System

$75.00 USD
This sleeve is an invention of Josh Landress.  This Wooden Sleeve Enhancement System, (WSSES) is designed to help slotting, projection, response, and less of a work effort.  The sound that is produced with this sleeve is large and robust.  After experimenting with different types of material, Josh has found that cocobolo wood is the optimum material, and it fits over most popular brands of mouthpieces.  All of these sleeve's are made in shop in New York City by hand.  The way this sleeve stays on the mouthpiece is with a little stop screw that you can unscrew at anytime with an Allen key.  Many players that use this sleeve say that say that it has totally changed the way there horn plays, and would never go back to not using it!  Some players say they use it when they are feeling fatigued on a gig and need a little bit of an extra boost. This sleeve is different than most other mouthpieces sleeves becuase with this it is not deadening vibration on the mouthpiece, rather it is changing how the mouthpiece vibrates in different locations due to sympathetic vibations.